disneyland paris fastpass

Disneyland Paris FastPass

The Nerd at Disneyland Paris checking out the new FastPass.

Everything you need to know about Disneyland Paris’ FastPass is included in this article. The business announced that annual passes would be ceased and free FastPasses would no longer be available as a result of the pandemic that shut Disney parks in 2020. Annual passes have been phased out, but Genie Plus is a paid substitute for FastPasses at Disneyland.

Many people saw Disney’s decision to price Magic Keys at the same level as annual passes as a positive sign, myself included. It can be difficult to snag park reservations when you’re a passholder, but Disneyland does offer some nice perks like private lounge areas and freebies like exclusive art prints and sunglasses to help make up for it. Genie Plus is an entirely different story though.

Disneyland Paris FastPass will be coming with a more expensive option

To reserve rides in advance and use the “Lightning Lanes,” you’ll have to pay $20 per person per day. There is a fee of up to $20 per person for high-demand rides like as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Customers have accused the Genie Plus of increasing standby lines to greater wait lengths than in the previous pandemic period, when park capacity was higher and average ride durations were shorter.

There has been a lot of criticism about the use of Genie Plus, which allows you to store only two FastPasses at a time and rebook every two hours. Walt Disney World changed its wording to reflect that visitors may be restricted to one or two activities per day with their $20 Genie Plus pass as a result of customers being disappointed by machines filling up early in the day.

Recently, Disneyland announced that Genie Plus may not be accessible to guests as much as they would like because of high customer demand. Understandably, this will cost more money.

Last year, Disneyland Paris added “Premier Access,” which allows visitors to pay $8-20 per ride in the Individual Lightning Lanes. Genie Plus was seen by many as a precursor to what would later be introduced in American parks with Disney FastPass+. Disneyland Paris now offers “Premier Access Ultimate,” which allows people access to 12 attractions throughout the park for 90 euros (about $95) each person during their visit. A similar plan is expected to appear at Disney Parks around the world, with priority access available for a fee.

If you’ve ever been to Universal Studios, then you know how long the lines can be. But did you know that there’s a way to get access to shorter lines? It’s called “Universal Express.”

With a Universal Express pass, you can skipping the regular line at select attractions. Depending on demand, a Universal Express ticket in California costs between $189 and $289. And in Orlando, it’ll cost from an additional $79 to $259 plus your general admission ticket ($109-$144).

The FastPass “Premier Access” service was introduced last year at Disneyland Paris, and for an extra fee, allows guests to have speedier access to their favorite attractions. According to the timeline for that rollout, Premier Access Ultimate will be available in US parks within the next six months. Prices for this service range from €7-€16 per guest.

The cost of attractions at the Disney Resort changes with the seasons, just like how Disney World and Disneyland in the US adjust their prices.

disneyland paris fastpass

Given the cost of the FastPass service at Disneyland Paris, especially if purchased after buying a theme park ticket and thus costing approximately €136 (approx. $146), it is easy to see why many visitors leave with a bad taste in their mouths.

Disney is now offering a 12-attraction pass called Disney Premier Access Ultimate, which costs approximately €46 (approx. $49USD) and saves Guests money in the long run.

Here’s Disney’s recent announcement about Premier Access Ultimate, via PixieDust:

Disney has clarified that the pay-per-ride offer is still available in addition to their new Premier Access Ultimate offering.

Check out and buy selections of Disney PremierAccess on the Disneyland Paris app. 

Keep in mind that Disney Premier Access Ultimate hasn’t been officially launched yet.




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