4 Best Things To Do on Your Next Disneyland Couples Night

Are you looking for a romantic Disney getaway filled with fun, excitement, and wonder?

Having a Disneyland couples night offers romantic experiences like wishing at Snow White’s Wishing Well, enjoying scenic views on the Pixar Pal-a-Round, watching breathtaking fireworks, and attending the exclusive Disneyland After Dark event with unique shows and themed activities. Perfect for a magical evening with your significant other.

Disneyland and California Adventure offer plenty of romantic things for you to do to ensure a lovely couples’ night for you and your significant other.

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4 Best Things to do on your Disneyland Couples Night

1. Disneyland Couples Night: Snow White’s Wishing Well (Wish for True Love) 

With so many beautiful spots around Disneyland, there is enormous opportunity for romance beyond just the tried-and-true clinging to each other on roller coasters and snuggling up on water rides.

(Don’t get us started on the People Mover.)

But the truth is that you can only take so much walking and hand-holding and roller-coastering before you a break.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of romantic locations all around the park to take a cozy break.

This Nerd’s very favorite is Snow White’s Wishing Well! 

Snow White’s Wishing Well is a quaint well with a spectacular view of statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, nestled alongside a magical (and romantic!) cascading waterfall.

It’s a nice opportunity to snuggle up and make a wish … what you wish for is up to you and special guest! You can find the Wishing Well in Fantasyland, on the east side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

This quiet area is often overlooked as people take more direct routes, and it’s a fantastic, picturesque spot to take a rest from the constant excitement and enjoy a bit of peace and tranquility with your significant other.

(As a bit of an added bonus, feel good that your wishes really will make a difference in the world—all donations are gifted to children’s charities.)

2. Disneyland Couples Night: Pixar Pal-a-Round (Don’t Get Stuck in the Friend Zone!) 

The Pal-a-Round is a California Adventure classic, and despite the name, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to share a relaxing, scenic view of the parks with their loved one.

In this Nerd’s opinion, the stationary gondolas are best for maximum romance, but if you are looking for a bit of adventure, the swinging gondolas are a lot of fun (and you might get a fearful snuggle or two).

For some extra magic be sure to request a private gondola!

Having to share a crowded gondola with a group of strangers may spoil a bit of the romance. 

The view from the Ferris wheel is truly breathtaking, especially at sunset or at night, when you can see the lights from the park and the stars overhead.

If you can time it right, you’ll create a lifetime memory.  

3. Disneyland Couples Night: Fireworks (While Watching Fireworks) 

There are few things more romantic than watching fireworks with that special someone – holding hands while gazing in awe at dazzling explosions light up the night sky in a flurry of different hues.

Find the right place in the park to watch this magical event and it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

Disneyland hosts many fireworks and light shows throughout the year, so make sure to look at the Disneyland entertainment calendar before booking your trip.  

Again, finding a great spot to watch the fireworks can make a big difference.

Of course, you want a comfortable seat with an unobstructed view. In front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Main Street USA, and in front of It’s a Small World are all some of Disneyland’s highest recommended viewing locations.

That being said, they do get exceptionally crowded around showing time.

You could get to those locations early to beat the crowd.

But you might also think about finding a dark, quiet place outside of these most popular viewing spots.

What you lose in a great view might be made up for in quiet snuggles and romance beneath the twinkling lights of magical fireworks. 

4. Disneyland Couples Night: Disneyland After Dark (The Night Beckons) 

If you are looking for an extra special, VIP couples night at Disneyland, you can buy a ticket to Disneyland After Dark, which allows access to the Disneyland or California Adventure (depending on which one is hosting) after closing time.

This is a great option for those looking to share a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind experience beyond that of just a normal Disneyland visit. 

This four-hour experience includes unique shows, such as firework spectaculars, parades, and live music.

Most nights have specific themes, so feel free to dress up to be a part of the magic!

The themed food, decorations, merchandise, and events are sure to make for an extra special night for you and your significant other.

In addition to the fantastic entertainment, Disneyland After Dark also allows you access to select rides across the park!

These rides usually have a much smaller line, which lets you enjoy the experience of riding a rollercoaster without the unreasonable wait times. 

Disneyland After Dark is a great idea for a Disneyland Couples Night because it offers countless opportunities for entertainment, great food, and memorable experiences.