Easy Disney World Vacation Tip #1 – Packages vs a la Carte

Planning a Disney World vacation can be overwhelming!

It’s crucial to find a good starting point when planning a Walt Disney World vacation. We’ve been trained that packages are often better than buying things a la carte. With a Disney World vacation, however, this isn’t always (actually rarely) the case.

The Disney Park Nerds like easy, but planning a Disney World vacation a la carte is much easier than you think and it takes just a couple of extra steps that might save you hundreds of dollars. And who doesn’t like extra money (to spend on your Disney World vacation)?

Disney World Vacation

Step 1: Price Out the Package

Input your information on the Disney World home page. Select Package Select your room preferences Select Ticket Options

Now…you have your package total. In this case, the total is $2,135.18 for the package selected.

Step 2: Price the Room and Tickets Separately

Enter your data again Select Room Select your room preferences.
Select no ticket.

Jot down the total – in this case, $664.47.

Now it’s time to price the tickets. Select the same number of days as was selected for the package. Select the number of tickets – we need to see the total price including tax!

Add the $1,072.62 to the room cost of $664.47 for a total of $1,737.09. This is a savings of $398.09 for booking the two separately. And the best news? The room and tickets will show up in your My Disney Experience account just the same as a package. You can still book advanced dining reservations and (eventually) Fastpasses in the same manner. So…an extra 5 minutes and a little price comparison can make a huge difference on your Disney World trip!