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7 Disney Tips and Tricks to Save Time at Hong Kong Disneyland


Sometimes the Nerd learns of a Disney tip the hard way… such is the case with a recent visit to Hong Kong Disneyland!

So, take it from the Nerd and follow these simple Disney tips and tricks to save time on your Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure.

1. Study the Traffic Patterns

The most impactful Disney tip studying can be done from the comfort of your couch on a smart phone.

Making the most of your time at Hong Kong Disneyland includes avoiding crowds. Download the official Hong Kong Disneyland app in the weeks ahead of your trip.

Simply log on to the app when the park opens and at a few sporadic times during the park’s operating day.

Make note of the wait times (taking a screen shot with your phone is even easier) and some very obvious patterns on when wait times are at their longest. Use this information to come up with your touring plan for the day or use our sample plan.

2. Email Hong Kong Disneyland with Questions

The folks at the Hong Kong Disney Reservation Center do their best to help answer questions and provide guidance about your upcoming visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.

If you have questions, want to confirm your itinerary or do some homework ahead of your trip, email them at online.reservations@hongkongdisneyland.com.

Be forewarned, they can be a little slow at responding and it can sometimes take a day or two to hear back, so communicate well ahead of your trip.

3. Book a Private Transfer Upon Landing in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Disney Resort generally recommends taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel; a 15-20 minute drive at a cost of HK$150 (about $20) for up to four passengers.

They also offer a private car at a cost of HK$1150 (about $148). If this splurge is in your budget, this is the way to go!

This Disney tip eliminates all nervousness about arriving in Hong Kong – especially for first-time visitors – because it eliminates the need to think and stress. And that “I just spent 15 hours getting here, I’m incredibly jet-lagged, I’m nervous because I do not speak Chinese, etc…” feeling in your stomach?


This option is not only a stress reliever and huge time saver, it is a true VIP experience.

You will be among the only passengers greeted immediately upon deplaning by an English-speaking airport employee holding a sign with your name. This person will grab your carry-on and walk with you through the airport to Immigration, ensure you have the right forms and direct you to the proper line.

Once you’ve completed Immigration, they will be waiting for you with a baggage cart and guide you to the proper baggage carousel where they will load your luggage and lead you to a Mercedes Benz, trunk open and waiting, parked directly outside the airport.

Your bags will be loaded while you climb in the spacious back seat for the drive to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

No fuss, no muss and a heck of a lot of fun.

4. Book a Private Tour to See Hong Kong

There is a lot to see and do in Hong Kong and undoubtedly you will want to explore at least some of the city during your trip. While the Nerd is a fan of “getting lost” in foreign cities – you often find some wonderful off-the-beaten-path treats – if your time is limited, book a tour.

If timing is extremely limited or you want to spoil yourself, book a private tour.

A full-day private tour will cost in the neighborhood of $650 plus transportation costs and entrance fees. Our favorite is Jamie at J3, a highly ranked Trip Advisor private tour guide who happens to be British and spent that past 40+ years living in Hong Kong.

A private tour saves a tremendous amount of time and removes all the stress from traveling or learning your way around a city as the professional guides you from location to location focusing only on what interests you.

5. Confirm Your Luggage is Checked Through to Hong Kong

Prevent a minor panic attack with this Disney tip.

If you are connecting through another mainland China airport, like Shanghai. If you’ve confirmed this (and it cannot hurt to look at the luggage tag before they send your bag down the carousel) deplane and follow the signs – in Chinese and English, thankfully – to connections/transfers.

Be prepared to show your boarding pass, clear much-slower-than-TSA security (taking out those laptops, throwing away the water bottles and being sure to place your umbrella in a separate bin….no joke), and head to your assigned gate to board your next flight.

6. Plan Your Arrival to the Park in Advance

If you are not staying at a Hong Kong Disney Resort property and need to plan on using a taxi, bus, or metro, be sure to ask your concierge for specific instructions on how to get to Hong Kong Disneyland.

It will be very important that you know how long it should take to arrive 20-30 minutes before the park’s scheduled opening time being mindful of rush hour or closures that will impact your travel time.

If you are staying at the Hong Kong Disney Resort, ask the Concierge about the timing of the bus/shuttle or obtain a jogging map with approximate distances from the hotels to Hong Kong Disneyland. The Nerds and Nerdlings enjoy the peaceful – almost eerily empty – walk from the hotel to the park in the off-season.

7. Stay at a Hong Kong Disney Resort Hotel

Our final Disney tip. If saving time is a priority, spend the extra money to stay at least one or two nights at a Hong Kong Disney Resort property.

In the off-season, prices can be very affordable especially once transportation costs are factored in.




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