Disney Princess The Concert (Review)

Disney Princess The Concert is a musical extravaganza that celebrates iconic Disney Princess songs performed live. Featuring Broadway talents like Susan Egan and Annaliese van der Pol, the show blends classic Disney magic with breathtaking vocal performances. A must-see for Disney and Broadway fans alike.

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Introduction to Disney Princess The Concert

For decades, Disney princess tunes have enchanted our hearts.

Experience these cherished melodies onstage with “Disney Princess – The Concert!”

Join a stellar group of performers from Broadway, TV, and animation as they honor every Disney Princess song in a mesmerizing night, accompanied by a captivating Music Director and charming Prince.

Dive into a realm where grand animations and theatrical wonders bring Disney’s magic alive.

As these renowned artists serenade with timeless hits, they’ll also reveal unique, amusing, and touching tales from their illustrious careers.

Celebrate nostalgia, don your finest royal outfit, and create lasting memories with your dear ones at “Disney Princess – The Concert.”

This show lasts roughly two hours, including a break, and is ideal for general viewers.

While it’s perfect for those aged 6 and above, everyone, regardless of age, needs a ticket for entry.

In this production, Broadway talents grace the stage as themselves.

Please note: This concert showcases high-quality sound, theatrical lights, haze, and impressive LED visuals that may impact those with photo or sound sensitivities.

Also, no costumed Disney characters make appearances at this event.

How Disney Princess The Concert Started

Presented by Disney and Pandora, Disney Princess The Concert is filled with classic Disney magic, a Fairy God Fairy, breathtaking voices, witty banter, gorgeous backdrops and so much fun.

The magic of Disney Princess music has been a hallmark for many generations, and “Disney Princess The Concert” perfectly encapsulates this enchantment.

Presented by Disney and Pandora, “Disney Princess The Concert” offers attendees a mesmerizing blend of classic Disney magic, engaging performances, captivating voices, and more.

With the Fairy God Fairy taking center stage, the concert promises gorgeous backdrops, witty dialogues, and unparalleled entertainment.

The journey to “Disney Princess The Concert” started over 6 years ago with the inception of the Broadway Disney Princess Party, conceptualized by Susan Egan and Laura Osnes.

As this Broadway sensation traveled, the royal entourage graced numerous cabaret venues nationwide.

The ever-evolving cast saw various princesses join over time, including Courtney Reed, Aisha Jackson, Christy Altomare, and the dashing Prince of the day, Adam J Levy.

It’s worth noting that the magic of “Disney Princess The Concert” wouldn’t have reached its pinnacle without the musical brilliance of the Fairy God Fairy, Benjamin Ruahala.

Recognized as one of Broadway’s most esteemed music directors, Benjamin’s talent added a unique flair to the concert.

As the word about the Broadway Disney Princess Party spread, Disney Concerts recognized its potential and, in collaboration with Pandora, transformed it into the grandeur that is “Disney Princess The Concert”.

The stellar cast of “Disney Princess The Concert” comprises distinguished actresses who’ve immortalized Disney Princesses on Broadway.

Notably, Susan Egan, the original Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, shares the stage with the likes of Annaliese van der Pol, Arielle Jacobs, Syndee Winters, Courtney Reed, Christy Altomare, and Aisha Jackson.

Adding charm to the concert, Adam J Levy also graces the audience with his presence as the show’s resident prince.

A testament to its universal appeal, “Disney Princess The Concert” attracts a diverse range of attendees – families, Disney aficionados, Susan Egan enthusiasts, and more, truly making it a concert for everyone.

Our Review of Disney Princess The Concert

Recently, we had the privilege of attending “Disney Princess – The Concert,” and it was nothing short of spectacular.

As the anticipation built, a colossal countdown graced the screen. The entire audience joined in, chanting down from 10 to 1.

When it culminated with Mr. Rauhala at the piano, the entire auditorium erupted in a frenzy. Given that this was “Disney Princess – The Concert,” one might expect a more subdued, regal response. But the electrifying energy was undeniable!

The concert opened with the Fairy God Fairy sharing his heartwarming origin story. A montage of his childhood photos – from playing with dolls to mastering the piano – played in the background.

Emphasizing that his lifelong dream was to collaborate with Princesses, he joyfully announced its realization at “Disney Princess – The Concert.”

The stage then welcomed four radiant Princesses: Susan, Anneliese, Syndee, and Arielle, all donning vivid, captivating attires.

Their opening number, “Starting Now,” immediately uplifted the crowd. Subsequently, each Princess serenaded us with iconic songs from distinct movies.

Arielle then enchanted everyone with Mulan’s introspective “Reflection.”

Syndee transported us to the Scottish Highlands with “Touch the Sky” from Brave, and Susan took the audience on a magical aquatic journey with “Part of Your World.”

Each rendition at “Disney Princess – The Concert” was vocally impeccable, engrossing us entirely in their tales.

Transitioning to another highlight, Susan recounted her journey of landing the role of Belle and her persistence to audition for Meg in Hercules.

This narrative beautifully prefaced her rendition of the cherished “I Won’t Say I’m in Love.”

Arielle delved into her experiences of portraying Jasmine, reminiscing about her global adventures that culminated on Broadway.

Her renditions of “Behind These Palace Walls” and “Speechless” left everyone in awe.

And thanks to the Fairy God Fairy’s wish-granting prowess at “Disney Princess – The Concert,” we were treated to a duet with Adam J. Levy, performing the timeless “A Whole New World.”

Syndee then shared her inspirational journey, detailing how Broadway legend Heather Headley’s portrayal of Nala influenced her.

This culminated in her mesmerizing performance of “Shadowlands.”

To wrap up the first act, all the Princesses collaborated for a breathtaking rendition of “Into the Unknown” from Frozen.

The vocal brilliance at “Disney Princess – The Concert” had everyone on their feet, cheering.

During the brief intermission, the lobby buzzed with excitement.

Enthusiasts, dressed as their favorite Princesses and Princes, indulged in snacks and eagerly perused the exclusive “Disney Princess – The Concert” merchandise.

Up next, Syndee talked about seeing another Caribbean born singer and Broadway legend, Heather Headley, play Nala and constantly listening to The Lion King soundtrack.

After 10 years she saw the show on the Great White Way and then after three more years they hired the second Caribbean actress to play the role – her!

Shadowlands was a highlight of the show, her vocals strong, the acting impeccable, it was a moment for sure.

The ladies then joined forces for a final gorgeous, four part arrangement of “Into the Unknown” from Frozen.

A vocal masterclass ended the first act with everyone on their feet.

In the quick 15 minute intermission there were Princesses and Princes all around the lobby, eating snacks and buying the fantastic merchandise from the show.

We were ready for the Second Act of Disney Princess The Concert

Susan started things off talking about being a Mother and how they wanted to mix that element of her life into the show.

However, Disney does not do Mothers well…most of them are…well…dead.

The ones who aren’t don’t play well with others.

Including Mother Gothel in Rapunzel.

Susan and Annaliese played their parts well in “Mother Knows Best.”

Then it was Annaliese’s time to shine when she brought Adam out to play her Flynn in “I See the Light.”

All four power houses joined forces with “In Summer” from Frozen, as Olaf danced around the screen behind them.

Adam rejoined Syndee on stage for a hilarious version of “Love is an Open Door.”

As the night was wrapping up, Benjamin recalled memories of lining up his dolls and giving them each a moment in the spotlight.

As you’d expect he did the same with his in life Princesses.

The four women grabbed stools and each took a turn blowing the audience away.

To kick things off, Arielle, touched our hearts with “Just Around the Riverbend.”

The emotion she brought to this song took us on a journey with Pocahantas, making us feel all the feels.

Nailing “Journey to the Past” from Anastasia, Annaliese was powerful and heartfelt. Drawing oohs and aahs from the crowd.

Syndee stepped up and brought the energy and big easy vibes with “Almost There” from The Princess and the Frog.

The audience was taken with her charisma and clapped along with the jazzy tune.

Rounding out the ear candy was Susan singing the beloved “Bonjour” from Beauty and the Beast.

And then as if right on cue to the night coming to an end that beautiful, familiar tune of “Tale as Old as Time” began.

It moved us all and left a permanent smile on the faces of the raptured audience.

Surprise ending for Disney Princess The Concert

Just when everyone believed “Disney Princess – The Concert” had concluded its magical journey, Benjamin plunged us back in with the spine-tingling notes of “Let It Go.”

The Princesses, embodying the essence of the song, delivered an all-out performance, harmonizing in four parts and receiving thunderous applause.

As the audience rose in a standing ovation, Susan, Annaliese, Syndee, Arielle, Adam, and Benjamin gracefully took their final bows, encapsulating what was undeniably a regal extravaganza from the opening note to the last.

For aficionados of Disney melodies and Broadway masterpieces, “Disney Princess – The Concert” is an unmissable spectacle.

Interested in being part of this magical experience?

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If you love Disney music and Broadway, you will not want to miss this spectacular Disney Princess – The Concert.

You can check out tour dates and locations here. You can also take in a preview of the show here.

Annaliese led the sequence with Rapunzel’s beloved “When Will My Life Begin.”