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What Happened to the Disney Dining Plan?


What you need to know about the Disney Dining Plan

Just recently in 2021, Walt Disney World reopened their gates to Disney nerds. However, not everything in the reopening was included.

In fact, there were a few programs, packages, attractions, and other experiences still on a break due to COVID restrictions and other guidelines.

While most things have returned to normal in and around the Disney Parks around the world. It’s understandable things are still waiting to be reintroduced back into the Disney experiences we all know and love. Which is all in favor of health and safety protocols. Meaning restaurants accepting new guests, and other key parts of the Disney park experiences returning.

But what about the plan at Walt Disney World. Essentially, we believe the plan will be restored by October 2021, just in time for the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World.

While other key aspects have slowly returned to the Disney parks. We have a good feeling the plan will be back soo.

Why was the Disney Dining Plan cancelled in the first place?

Initially, as Disney was getting ready to bring guests back into the parks, they let everyone know they would be putting the plan on a hiatus. With no end in sight, they also announced they would not be offering new packages through the end of 2020

Now in 2021, still no plan, we have heard positive hints that the plan will be reintroduced in October 2021. But don’t hold us to it.

Here’s the official announcement from Disney:

disney dining plan announcement

The Disney Dining Plan was cut short during COVID because many of the restaurants and Disney parks were forced to operate during the reopenings with a limited number of guests due to social distancing guidelines. It was this guidance from the Federal and State levels which made it so Disney could not guarantee tables for their Disney Dining Plan guests.

Now in mid 2021, the plan remains in hiatus until we hear further news from Disney.

What is the Disney Dining Plan?

While us nerds keep our fingers crossed for the highly probably return of the Disney Dining Plan, what is it that we miss so much about our beloved Disney Dining Plan?

Essentially, the plan included a few different levels of membership. Which was only good for Walt Disney World guests and no other Disney Parks.

Included were, the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan, the Basic Disney Dining Plan, the Disney Dining Plan Plus, and the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan.

While all sounding very similar, they offered slightly different benefits.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each plan:

  • The Quick Service Disney Dining Plan
    2 Quick-Service Meals and 2 snacks per person, per night and cost $55 per adult (per night) or $26 per child (per night).
  • The Basic Disney Dining Plan
    Table Service Meal, 1 Quick Service Meal, and 2 snacks per person, per night and cost $78.01 per adult (per night) or $30.51 per child (per night).
  • The Dining Plan Plus Plan included 2 meals that could be used at Quick-Service or Table-Service restaurants and 2 snacks per person, per night, and cost $94.61 per adult (per night) and $35.01 per child (per night).
  • The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan
    3 meals that could be used at Quick-Service or Table-Service restaurants and 2 snacks per person, per night, and cost $119 per adult (per night) and $47.50 per child (per night).

To get more into the details of the Disney Dining Plan, a Quick Service meal “credit” will (at a minimum) get you an entree, drink, and dessert (for you sweet tooth nerds).

If you include things like snacks (such as a water or a side of french fries) and a free reusable resort mug… all of your meals would be covered during your Disney vacation.

What’s so great about the Disney Dining Plan?

Why is this unique Disney park offering so sorely missed?

Bottom line, the Disney Dining Plan offered guests the ability to create a set budget for all of their meals prior.

Basically, you can enjoy all your meals in Walt Disney World without worrying about any additional costs sneaking up on you after all your meals.

However, the set cost of the plans don’t actually represent what you’ll actually pay for each meal. You may end up paying more than if you were to have purchased the food without the plan. You need some prior planning way ahead of time to make sure you use the right strategies to actually save time with the plan.

Will the Disney Dining Plans actually return?

This is the question us nerds are always asking.

Also if the Disney Dining Plan does return, will it be the same offering we always knew and loved?

Yes, Disney has made it clear they will bring the plan back from it’s vacation. However, an exact date hasn’t been given out yet. Only letting the world know the Disney Dining Plan will be back, “at a later date.”

Remember, the main reason Disney initially canceled the plan was due to the limited capacities in restaurants due to the COVID guidelines from the Federal and State authorities.

While well into 2021, more and more dining locations are opening to full capacities in the parks. However, we believe Disney is waiting to for ALL the the restaurants to be open EVERYWHERE at FULL capacity.

This way they can fully offer all the benefits of the Disney Dining Plans.

And yes, more dining locations in the parks and resorts are and have reopened.

However, when the plan does appear again, we will most likely see some modifications to it. Let alone, we may see some new plans all together. As of yet, Disney still hasn’t confirmed any changes to the Disney Dining Plans if it does come back.

Unfortunately, we do have to continue waiting for the plan. Us Disney Nerds will let you know when we do hear any news.




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