Let’s Disney Bound!

Disney Bound is a term most people who love Disney know.

Just because you have turned 13 and have to tuck away the Disney costumes, doesn’t mean the magic is over!

A great alternative to full out costumes is to do a Disney Bound. This is the time for teens and adults to lean on their creative side and come up with outfits that shine their favorite character.

A few easy ways to Disney Bound

1. Choose your character.

Going solo or with a group there are so many fun choices.

A few of our favorites are the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, princess/prince posses or choose a few pals like Daisy, Clarabelle and Minnie.

2. Color Block!

This is a great tool to use when bounding.

For example, if you want to dress as Ursula, use black with slight hints of purple. Mickey or Minnie, using blocks of red, white and black is the way to go.

3. Use what you have.

Take a look in your closet and see what you can come up with.

It doesn’t have to cost big bucks to bound.

Use that color blocking – have a pink dress, Sleeping Beauty calls, neutrals are your thing, try a Star Wars character.

4. Choose accessories that make your bound stand out!

For example if you are Belle, consider wearing blue, white and adding a rose statement piece, like a necklace or earrings.


They can make a Disney Bound outfit really pop!


There are countless thrift or vintage stores where you can spend hours finding the perfect pieces for your Disney Bound adventure.

One in particular we love is an online thrift boutique called Moorage Thrift House.

The owner has a plethora of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel items that are unique and fantastic.

Thrifting is good for the wallet and the environment.

The joy of the Disney Bound is that you can be as obvious or as stealthy as you want.

Make people guess or make their jaws drop with just how accurate your bounding is.

Unsure of what you want to do, head over to Pinterest, the Disney Bound community is huge!

You can also check out several IG bound accounts like @disneybound @disneybound_italia and @disneybound_and_beyond for inspiration.

It has become a phenomenon around the world.

If character bounding isn’t your thing, no worries, there are four ways to celebrate Disney while you are on your adventure

1. Anything Disney related.

Shirts, shoes, accessories.

2. EARS!

There are so many options for Disney ears.

They even make slinky dog ears.

This can jazz up any Disney outfit.

3. Don’t forget Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar are all in the Disney universe as well.

So they are fair game!

4. Going with a group of pals, family or as a couple?

Try matching shirts or matching ears to be a cohesive Disney unit.

Naturally, the most important part of a Disney Bound are the photos!

Capturing the memories and the great fits makes it fun for years to come.

Check out our top ten list of photo locations in Disneyland here.

Whether you decide to go BIG or go BOLD or go BEYOND, Disney Bounding makes any trip to a park feel even more magical…if that’s even possible.

What are some of your favorite bounds?

Where do you look for inspiration?

Leave us your pics in the comments!

The Nerds can’t wait to see you and your Disney Bounds in Walt Disney World!