What is the Best Fanny Pack for Disney World?

The best fanny pack for Disney is the “Minnie Mouse Sketch Fanny Pack.” This black and white pack features a classic sketch of Minnie Mouse, offering a spacious main compartment and a smaller zippered pocket for valuables. It combines style and functionality for Disney adventures.

When you’re visiting Walt Disney World, you’ll want to bring a few essentials.

However, what is the finest method to transport your belongings?

A fanny pack for Disneyland is the greatest option.

But what’s the best fanny pack for Disneyland?

I know, I know…a fanny pack for Disney parks may appear nerdy, but hear me out.

(How to pick the best backpack for a Disney World trip)

Tips on Finding the Best Fanny Pack for Disney World

  1. The Bare Necessities – I had to say it. The best part of using a fanny pack for Disney park trips is that you won’t find yourself carrying a bunch of things you didn’t wish you brought. Just the essentials. Your phone, mini-first-aid kit, sunglasses, and maybe even some leftover Mickey Pretzel… who knows?!
  2. Easy riding – Splash mountain, Star Wars, Jungle Cruise… no problem. You can keep your essentials with you on every ride . Long gone are the days where you’re constantly checking your bag or constantly thinking about where it is.
  3. Breezy security – Since your trusty fanny pack for Disney trips is so small, in just a few blinks of the eye you’ll be done with the security line.
  4. Quick access – Standing in line and needing some Chapstick. Done! Need to check your virtual que for the Star Wars ride. Done. Quickly retrieve anything you need stored in your fanny pack for Disney parks. Long gone are the days of lugging around a hefty backpack and rummaging through it in the middle of a crowd.
  5. Painless Adventures – Seriously, no matter how light your backpack is, after an hour or two of walking around you’ll have pain. Pain in the neck, pain in the back, and overall it’ll be a pain in the butt. Avoid unnecessary pain by eliminating the backpack all together.

Us nerds made the argument for why fanny packs are essential, but are you still wondering whether a fanny pack for Disney trips will improve your experience?

As dorky as they may seem, when Kourtney Kardashian wore a Chanel fanny pack to Disney World, all of a sudden fanny packs didn’t seem so, well, nerdy.

We suggest trying a fanny pack for the day in your normal life before your next Disney trip.

This way, you’ll know for sure you’ll benefit from wearing a fanny pack for Disney adventures.

A fanny pack is a fanny pack, right?


If you’re going to wear a fanny pack to Disney, you mind as well do it in style.

There is a whole world of Disney fashion for fanny packs.

From fanny packs created by Disney to really interesting custom creations you can find on websites like Etsy.

Best fanny pack for Disney: 3 Disney Nerd Top Picks

1. Minnie Mouse Sketch Fanny Pack for Disney

This timeless black and white fanny pack features everyone’s favoritemouse, Minnie.

The sketch-like quality of the illustrations gives it a classic Disney feel that we can’t get enough of!

While remaining hands-free in the parks, you’ll be able to keep your essentials organized. There is a big main compartment where you can secure your phone, keys, and even meals as you run around any of the Disney parks. A smaller back zippered pocket is perfect for keeping cash, cards, and other valuables.

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3. Custom Fanny Packs for Disney Parks

Probably the most original fanny packs are on Etsy. If you’re unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s essentially a marketplace for custom, handmade goods.

Check out this fanny pack for Disney Toy Story on Etsy

Just one search on Etsy revealed over 800+ different kinds of fanny pack for Disney nerds you won’t find anywhere else. From one of a kind fanny packs to limited runs of Disney themed fanny packs. Since there aren’t too many companies licensing and offering Disney themed fanny packs, we nerds think Disney fanny packs on Etsy is one of the best places to look if you’re on the hunt for one.

For example, if you’re looking for a vintage character or look, you can probably find it on Etsy.

You can also find artist on Etsy who’ll make fanny packs for Disney fans to order with any customization. If you want a Disney fanny pack with your name on it, you can find it on Etsy.

Also, now that Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel, it opens up a whole new world to Disney collectors.

The best fanny pack for Disneyland Pin Collectors

Speaking of Disney collectors, if you’re interested in collecting Disney pins from the park, we thought this clear fanny pack was a great idea.

So if you’re interested in trading pins and meeting up with other Disney pin fanatics, you can easily display the pins you’re interested in trading right there in the clear window of your Disney fanny pack.

Now you don’t have to take out all your pins and sort through them.

Learn more about this fanny pack for Disney pins on Etsy

Final thoughts on getting the best fanny pack for Disneyland

From classic Disney characters to Marvel to Star Wars. There is an unlimited variety of kinds of fanny packs for Disney fans out there. While there are limited choices of fanny packs directly from Disney, you’ll find the most unique offering of Disney fanny packs made y fans on Etsy.

We hope you enjoy searching for your own fanny pack for your next Disney adventure.